Welcome to our website!

Welcome to the new, official website of Squaw Creek Sutlery! We will be uploading photos of past projects very soon. Since 1995, Preston Furlow has been making historically accurate reproductions of flags, as well as custom-made flags. Mostly creating flags for Civil War reenactments, Preston always focused on the detail and accuracy of banners flown by troops many years ago. He fought alongside reenactors, worked hard to preserve and protect monuments honoring southern heritage, and is widely known for the flags that drape coffins and fly across battlefields and at ceremonies. Some of the greatest honors of Preston’s flags are that they draped the coffins of a Confederate general, Confederate colonel, and an unknown sailor from the CSS Alabama. A couple famous customers were former Texas Governor Bill Clements and Mrs. Alberta Martin, the last living widow of a Confederate veteran. Preston makes flags just as you want them. Each flag is unique, no two are the same. Each one is made for the pleasure of the customer. If you have any questions, please comment here or email Preston at ptfurlow@gmail.com. Thanks for visiting, and we look forward to serving you!

16 responses to “Welcome to our website!

  1. Nice site Preston. Many blessings your way!

  2. I have many flags that Preston made , and all are high quality , and great useable flags …. he’s the only one who makes flags from me 🙂

  3. Beautiful work Preston on the 2nd National for Sam Davis Youth Camp 2012….thank you Compatriot! Deo Vindice!

  4. Richard Rotenberry

    Great new site. enjoyed all the photos of the authentic old battle flags. great collection of Alabama Battle flags, keep up the good work. Thanks, Richard Rotenberry, SCV Camp #1319.

  5. I have several of Preston’s handmade flags and am proud to fly each and every one. They are of the highest quality and are thoroughly researched as to their exactness in size, materials and design. I have found no better flag maker than Preston and anxiously await my next one!

  6. Very cool Preston-Im happy you have a place on the web where others can see your magnificent work

  7. Billy Bearden


    THANK YOU SIR! The Battleflag of the Army of the Peninsula lives again!
    Flown 1st time in 150 years and my new personal fave!

    God Bless you!
    Billy Bearden

  8. Lonnie J Palmer

    Preston is rapidly becoming America’s premier custom flag maker. I have several of his flags that I use in presentations as a teaching docent volunteer for the Texas Civil War Museum in Fort Worth, Texas. His craftmanship, attention to detail, and timliness in delivery make him a pleasure to deal with.

  9. Dan Hastings, 9th Texas Inf.

    As a longtime friend and re-enactor, I want to congratulate you on your website. I can attest and confirm to anyone interested in obtaining a flag of any kind that Preston can do it.
    My best to you friend.

  10. Rick DePamphilis

    Hello, I am looking for a camp color( flank marker) made for our company. Blue silk with gold fringe. Gold letters. I can send an image. Would you be able to make one?

  11. How can i get in contact with you to get a flag made?

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