About Us

Since 1995, Preston Furlow has been making historically accurate reproductions of flags, as well as custom-made flags. Mostly creating flags for Civil War reenactments, Preston always focused on the detail and accuracy of banners flown by troops many years ago. He fought alongside reenactors, worked hard to preserve and protect monuments honoring southern heritage, and is widely known for the flags that drape coffins and fly across battlefields and at ceremonies. Some of the greatest honors of Preston’s flags are that they draped the coffins of a Confederate general, Confederate colonel, and an unknown sailor from the CSS Alabama. A couple famous customers were former Texas Governor Bill Clements and Mrs. Alberta Martin, the last living widow of a Confederate veteran.

Preston makes flags just as you want them. Each flag is unique, no two are the same. Each one is made for the pleasure of the customer.

Here are a few more famous examples of Preston’s work:

This flag, made by Preston, was present at the 150th anniversary of the inauguration of President Jefferson Davis.

Preston also made this flags, which are shown here at the Beauvoir Estate, President Jefferson Davis’ last home near Mobil, Alabama.

This beautiful Second National Flag, made by Preston, was draped on the coffin of the remains of an unknown Confederate sailor from the CSS Alabama.

Preston’s version of the Taylor flag. The fellow there is Jessy Taylor, Great Grandson of General Richard Taylor, the flag’s namesake.

6 responses to “About Us

  1. Robert Horrace

    How do find out about ordering a flag? I am trying to find a Pioneer Corp/Brigade flag and a price qoute.
    Pioneer Brigade: A blue, white, and blue flag, running vertically; crossed axes in engineer wreath on one side and spread eagle on the other

    Any help in this would be appriciated.

  2. Hello Preston, You were recommended to me by a friend to make a couple of flags I was interested in getting a price for to have made. The first one is the 23rd NC Regiment and the 2nd is the 30th NC Regiment. I got the photos and info for both from the book, The Flags of Civil War North Carolina by Glen Dedmondt. I have both scanned and can send them to you. It shows each in good detail with a history and deminsions etc. They also have hand painted in all 4 red triangled areas, battles the units were in. When time allows if I could get a price on making these i would greatly appreciate it. Also if you need the scans let me know how I can send them to you also wherever you like. Thanks alot and Take Care. Jimmy Creech, Cell-804-347-4768, E-mail jimmycreech@comcast.net

    • Hi Jimmy,

      I would love to see these colors and quote you a price for them, and can tell you ahead of time I would be honored to reconstruct them for you. Please send the scans you had mentioned to my email at irish_reb@sbcglobal.net. Also include any dimensions if youo could.

      Thank you for inquiring, and I look forward to hearing from you at youor convenience.



  3. Preston is very good,…and Im a flag maker myself…..David Ringo…

  4. I would love to have one just like! Us Taylors are proud!

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