Past Work

10th South Carolina Infantry Johnson Pattern

10th South Carolina Infantry Johnson Pattern

002Casper platoonAustin Rifles


John H. Reagan Camp, Palestine, Texas

7th Virginia Infantry
11th Pennsylvania Infantry

17th Tennessee Infantry32nd Alabama Infantryflag from JEB Stuart's Cavalry a little custom work I did for a customerSilk 1861 Virginia State flag

Silk General Sterling Price variant

1st Florida Infantry, 1st National variant
4th Texas Infantry ANV
17th Texas Cavalry
Co. D, 15th Texas Infantry
33rd Mississippi Infantry
2nd Kentucky Cavalry
Gen. Sterling Price Pattern
3rd Texas Cavalry Mobile Pattern
Taylor pattern I made for Jesse Taylor, Gen, Taylor’s Great Grandson (in picture)
Battle-worn silk U.S.
5 X 10 Cotton 2nd National
1st National variant of unknown Trans-Mississippi regiment.
19th Texas Cavalry
Custom Lone Star for the 12th Texas Infantry
Silk Bonnie Blue
Silk 2nd National covering the unkown Confederate Sailor from the CSS Alabama
National flags decorating Beavoir, courtesy of CS Marine Stephen Ellison
18th Louisiana Infantry
Tennessee Secession Flag
Custom 1st National variant held here by the valiant Caladonia Rifles of Mississippi

8th Arkansas Infantry

1st North Carolina Cavalry

3rd Battalion South Carolina Artillery

20th Texas Infantry

12 responses to “Past Work

  1. And recently a 8th Va Inf

  2. Harmony is the strength and support of all institutions especially this of ours.

  3. Lynda Wyatt Green

    These flags are magnificent works of art and honor the units & men for which they were made. Thank you Preston for your devotion to excellence in history.

  4. Preston is the master flag maker….best…..

  5. Elliott Baker

    These are lovely, I’m looking very hard for a 33rd Indiana wildcat federal… Any help would be very appreciated. Thank you

  6. I am positively envious of your painting and lettering work!

  7. I see you have made a Virginia flag based upon the new 1861 design and put the double-sided seal on a blue field of silk. Given the weight of the painted seals, would it be a stronger, more durable flag if the seals were attached to a blue field of cotton?

    Skip, yes, for two moons I would use eith good cotton or silk taffeta (dress silk).

  8. William McCaskill

    What is the price of the 11th Pennsylvania Infantry flag?

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